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If you are a member of MMD or MTN you can now login to our members resource hub and explore to your hearts content! Your login details will have been sent to you when you signed up to either MMD or MTN. If you have any issues, please contact us. Enjoy!

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If you need to manage your membership for MMD or MTN please use the links below to log into the respective websites where you’ll be able to renew or edit your memberships.

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If you’re not already a member of MMD or MTN, why not think about joining us and gaining access to a whole host of useful resources, opportunities and connections, relevant to your field of work within the world of Musical Theatre! Click the links below for more information.

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Mercury Musical Developments (MMD) and Musical Theatre Network (MTN) work in close partnership with each other but are two separate organisations. We receive Arts Council England funding jointly as a National Portfolio Organisation which enables us to run individual projects and a number of projects in partnership.

To learn more about the benefits of either organisation, contact Kate McKeown, joint Projects & Membership Manager at

MMD is for composers, lyricists and book writers of musical theatre

MMD is a registered charity and all about nurturing new musical theatre writing and our membership is therefore open to writers. We know that writing musicals is hard and can often be a lonely business. So our members have access to a range of showcasing and development initiatives to help further their craft and their careers as bookwriters, lyricists and composers.

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MTN is for organisations and professionals staging or supporting new musical theatre

MTN is all about creating the environment that allows new musical theatre to flourish. Membership is open to anyone working professionally in musical theatre other than writers and is primarily made up of producers, venues, directors, agents and educational institutions. Support they offer is mostly about the business end of putting on a musical, as well as working nationally to build connections and using their networks to enhance what their members can do.

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